DeClercq’s Theatrical Specialties, Inc. 


DeCercq’s Theatrical Specialties, Inc.  is a world leading fabricator of draperies  vast choice of the finest flame-retardant woven velvets (velours) and other fabrics for Theatres, Performing Art Centers, Event Centers, Schools, and Churches.


We offer the most  luxurious high quality fabrics available in a variety of weights for all applications and budgets. Our flame-retardant velvets (velours) are renowned for their opacity, brilliance of colors, great drapeability and fabulous sound absorption properties.


All styles are available in a superb variety of colors.   We also specialize in installation of the drapes upon completion.

We sell it all when it comes to Theatrical Specialties, if you don't see an item or brand listed on our website, we probably still sell it, so give us a call right away so we can help you.


DeClercq’s Theatrical Specialties, Inc. create draperies, stage curtains, wall coverings, and carpeting, for venues of the performing arts, theaters, schools and churches. Our products are seen in theaters, performing arts, schools and churches across the country.


We stock a wide selection of fabrics and carpeting for theatrical usage but will also commission custom designs for your special requirements.





The longest running, most experienced installation/fabrication crew in the industry! We can install it for you or instruct your crew how to do the job like the pro's.